Accidents Kill Nine People in the Stateline This Year

ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- Many of the people mourning Suaveya Williams death unfortunately have been through this same situation before.
Friends and family say Williams was friends with Derrick Ellis, the man who was killed in a similar accident just one month ago. Ellis' girlfriend was also one of the first people on the scene this weekend..

It was one month to the day of Derrick Ellis' death that his girlfriend, Stacey Griep, witnessed another deadly accident early Sunday morning.

"Me and my friend we were sitting at her house and we heard it and we hurried up and ran out there to the accident where it was," Griep said.

When she got outside Griep says she had flashbacks to the accident that killed Ellis and threw their friend Gerald out of the car, leaving him badly injured.

"When I got there she was on the other side of the road and they say Gerald flew out the car too and he said he don't know how he ended up out, so it hit me," she explained.

The driver of Sunday's crash, Suaveya Williams died and her friend who was thrown from the car was seriously injured.

It's the ninth deadly crash in the Stateline in 2014. There have actually been fewer crashes in Rockford and Winnebago County this year compared to last, but authorities are still concerned.

"Any fatal accident is too many for us," Deputy Chief Scott Meyers, with the Winnebago County Sheriff’s Department, said.

Officers and deputies credit the drop to increased alcohol patrols. In fact this year Rockford has twice as much grant money to conduct those patrols.

"They try to get the point across to newer drivers that you know it is just a split second decision that could take a tragic turn for someone," Meyers said.

That's the same message Griep is spreading so more kids like her son Omarrion don't have to grow up without a parent.

Four of the nine fatal accidents in the Stateline this year have been in Rockford. There have also been two in Beloit and one each in Belvidere, Cherry Valley, and Winnebago County.

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