Abortion Clinic Back in City Spotlight

ROCKFORD (WIFR)-- The debate heats up tonight over where and how pro-life supporters should be able to protest outside Rockford's abortion clinic. The city's legal department is supporting an exclusive parking spot for an ultra sound van.

City Legal Director Patrick Hayes calls the issue a quote " Problem that must be solved." It appears the clinic's building owner and employees with the ultra sound van are battling it out for a parking spot however the problems go much deeper.

The council will wait another week to vote on a 6-month parking permit that will allow the van to set up shop on a street near the clinic. The city's legal department says the building's owner is arranging cars to block the ultra sound vehicle. Hayes says his staff supports the van because it complied with its former permit but Alderman Karen Elyea disagrees saying the vehicle is a nuisance and can be a bully to women entering the clinic.

The move must go through the traffic commission to officially approve the permit. Aldermen are expected to vote on the issue next Monday... The van typically comes on Fridays

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