Results Show Illinois Schools Failing AYP

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- The results aren't looking so hot on Illinois' report card: fewer students are meeting adequate yearly progress.

Just eight high schools out of more than 650 in the state made AYP based on 2011 test scores.

New figures show 65 percent of schools failed to make AYP. Last year only 51 percent failed. There's been a lot of controversy about adequate yearly progress under the 'No Child Left Behind Act.'

Some school districts say it's unreasonable to have every child meet AYP by 2014. They also say some quote "excellent" schools are failing these tests and say students shouldn't be judged on test scores alone.

Illinois State Board of Education Chairman Cery Chico said, "The current system does not measure or acknowledge progress, you know progress is measured in a lot of different ways. We're talking about human beings here not widgets or machines."

The earliest the state will release specific district numbers is next week. Also, the state board of education says it will apply for a waiver for the 'No Child Left Behind Act.'

There is some positive news out of today's report card: elementary students who took the ISAT saw an increase in test scores. Also, the target high school graduation rate increased by two percent.

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