ADHD Drug Shortage

ROCKFORD (WIFR) – There's more stress for parents with a child diagnosed with ADHD. Drugs needed to treat their child’s diagnosis are in short supply.

“The last thing I wanted to do was medicate my daughter.”

Kali Wehmeyer has ADHD and has been on Ritalin for three years. But when the drug became in short supply, she was forced to go two-weeks without it, making it tough for the 7-year-old to focus in school.
“It hurts her too because she comes home frustrated, really down because she’s not able to do the work and she sees all the other kids, you know, they’re able to pick it up,” said Wehmeyer.

The CDC reports a 34% increase in kids being diagnosed with ADHD, so drug makers are having a tough time keeping up with demand. Kali recently switched to a generic form of Ritalin, something many patients have been forced to do.

Swedes’ Pharmacy Director, Tom Carey says problems with ADHD drugs started about nine months ago.
“Once the amount of Adderall became available once again, many more patients were taking Ritalin and so the demand for that medication went up and manufacturers weren’t able to keep enough of those in supply,” Carey said
That’s why Carey suggests checking with a pharmacy to see if they have a drug first before going in to fill a prescription. Carey says with such a short supplies, shipments can be unpredictable but it’s stability , parents like Tiffany are counting on to keep their children focused in the future.

Even if drugs like Ritalin become more available, Wehmeyer says she doesn’t plan to switch her daughter back to it. That’s because she wants to keep her medication consistent.

According to the CDC, boys are more likely to be diagnosed with ADHD than girls.

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