A Face Behind the Ice Bucket Challenge

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STATELINE (WIFR) -- Most of us know what the Ice Bucket Challenge is by now and while many people have taken the challenge, there's a serious cause behind the social media trend.

Dumping frigid ice water on ourselves has been all the rage over the last few weeks. From pro sports teams, to our 23 News team and stateline leaders, thousands of people are taking on the Ice Bucket Challenge.

The idea is to support ALS (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis), also known as "Lou Gehrig's Disease." Challenged participants either dump ice water on themselves or donate to ALS; many are doing both.

"I realized they have to be funded some way," says John Robbins.

John robbins was officially diagnosed with ALS in January when he was still active. Seven months later, the disease has taken its toll, weakening his muscles and affecting his speech.

"Every day it seems to be a little harder to walk around," says Robbins.

Robbins relies on a caregiver and family for his basic needs.

His wife Dianna says, "He could always get into positions I've never seen people get into when he was fixing things around the house, and now seeing him the way he is, it's not good."

The Robbins were relieved when the ALS foundation gave them a transport chair for free.

John said, "We appreciate the chair."

"Like any other disease that there's no cure for, you need the support and they need money for research, like cancer," said Dianna.

Dianna and John hope the research leads to a cure one day, so other people don't have to live with ALS.

If you're interested in donating to ALS, click the attached link.

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