Republicans Still Search for Mayoral Candidate

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The race for Rockford Mayor will not include Third Ward Alderman Doug Mark.

There was speculation that Mark would be the Republican candidate for the job, so if not Mark, then who?

“I am not a candidate for office of Mayor for the City of Rockford," saying his family is his top priority right now, Alderman Doug Mark announces he will not be the Republican candidate in the race for Rockford Mayor.

"Sometimes the timing is not right and this is one of those times," says Mark.

Mark will seek another term for Third Ward Alderman. However, Republicans will now have to go to plan b in the mayoral race. Most are not quite sure yet what that will mean.

"We'll just have to wait and see. I think it's a little early," says Alderman Bill Timm.

"There's no one that's stepped forward or even put a rumor forward," adds Alderman David Johnson.

Larry Morrissey, who already announced that he is running for mayor, was there to support Alderman Mark Tuesday. When asked if Republicans will opt out of this race and throw their support behind Morrissey, Alderman Dave Johnson said, "By letting the current mayor and Morrissey have at it, there's a chance that we could get a change in leadership."

Morrissey welcomes any added support.

"I'd love to see the Republican Party get on board with my campaign," says the mayoral candidate.

But current Mayor Doug Scott says he’s not convinced that will be the case.

"It would be very difficult for me to believe that would happen. If it did I think there would be substantial numbers of Republicans voting for me," says Scott.

But it's still early in the game and most Republicans say we'll just have to wait and see what or who will be their backup plan.