Sending Out an SOS

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The 21st Annual Waterfront Festival is now just a memory, but in order for the streets of downtown Rockford to return to normal, many volunteers burn the midnight oil. Among the late nighters is a group of high school students pounding the pavement looking for leftovers.

Once the gates close for good, 30 Keith School volunteers hit the streets. Armed with nothing more than a blue Keith School apron and a dolly, their mission is to save the surplus.

For the third time, junior Eli Logeman is walking from tent to tent. Eli says, "There's a lot of food that would be wasted if we didn't pick it up."

Over the past four years, crews have collected more than 10 tons of food. Saving the surplus returned as a tradition about five years ago when Keith School took on the collection. Waterfront officials made note of just how much food was being wasted, food that local food pantries like the Hunger Connection has to spend money on to buy.

Food we indulge on all weekend is now helping to keep other community members fed. These high school students also walk away with a lesson in community involvement.