Mayor Scott Holds Front Porch Event

It's a day that honors and celebrates the spirit of the American worker, but a bittersweet feeling is hovering over the Rockford area this year as the city continues to see a steady erosion of jobs, specifically in the manufacturing community.

Scott said President Bush will be the first president since Herbert Hoover to end his term with fewer jobs then when he started. Rob Harris is just one face representing the 2.7 million Americans who've lost jobs in the manufacturing sector.

Harris is one of 34 union members at Hamilton Sundstrand that were laid off in July and he says it's not fair that jobs are disappearing from corporate greed he says is encouraged by President Bush.

As we continue the final stretch towards Election Day, unemployed Americans are hoping that their voices will be heard so that next year's Labor Day looks a lot brighter.

Fifty "front porch" events were scheduled in 25 states this Labor Day.