On the Waterfront Wraps Up Successful 2004 Festival

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Thousands of visitors, hundreds of bands and three days of Rockford revelry; On The Waterfront made its 2004 curtain call Sunday.

"We've had beautiful weather, great shows and special events flooding the streets," organizer Stacy Welling said.

To protect the thousands flooding the streets and bridges, Rockford's police were busy on patrol. While the PD says there were the usual carnival area scuffles, the festival collectively kept its cool.

"We have had the same of incidents in the past years. Some fight, lost kids, but overall it’s been going relatively well," Rockford Deputy Police Chief Greg Lindmark said.

But even with more manpower on duty, Rockford Mayor Doug Scott says On The Waterfront is still a worthy investment.

"For the city, it costs us money between fire police and public works and all the money we pay, but the bottom line for the community is it’s still a worthy investment," Scott said.

But while organizers are happy about an increase in attendance, they say one citywide festival a year in Rockford is just right.

"I think one a year is plenty; everyone gets here from all over the area; they come ask us about the city, about the department. It's nice for all of us," Lindmark said.

"It takes a whole year of planning, and I think it's been good for Rockford, but it takes a whole lot of planning so we'll see what’s in the future," Welling said.

It’s a future that's likely to see bigger crowds and bigger regional exposure; On the Waterfront.