Downtown Shooting

"Ii parked my car and thought okay..I don't really feel comfortable sitting in my car right now."

Onica Moate is back downtown... just 15 hours after seeing more than 200 people push their way out of the paragon restaurants parking panic. "I heard like shots.. I thought they were fireworks. It was a mad house like everybody was running.. and running across the street and jumping in their cars on top of their cars."

24 year old Martin Love allegedly opened fire into a crowd of people...and putting two of them in the hospital.

29 year old Tasha Jackson was shot in her arm and leg. 24 year old Ivery Cloom was shot in his arm.. he was driven to the hospital by three of his friends. Police later found two guns in that car...all are now charged with unlawful use of a weapon. And while shots fired may not be unusual in some parts of Rockford, Onica says she is shocked it happened downtown.

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