Emotional Trauma on 9-11

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It's called the anniversary effect. And it happens when people are forced to deal with traumatic situations all over again. With September eleventh fast approaching...doctors say many people are susceptible to the anniversary effect...but they say that there are things you can do.... To heal an ailing mind.

"You wouldn't think it would reach thousands of miles here to Rockford... but it does," says Dr. Terry Lichtenwald, psychologist.

When the trade towers fell it was impossible to escape the horror and fear on the faces of people that were crippled by this unthinkable attack.... but as we revisit and remember these attacks people may have to come to grips with these images again.

"I remember crying all day and I just had to call my grandparents to touch base," says Megan Anderson.

These events were also extremely traumatic on children

""Just looking into there eyes as I saw them on TV what I saw just scared me, says 14-year-old Michael Roop.

" Felt very sad watching all of those people die," says 9-year-old Ashley Ancona

Responses like this have doctors advising parents to pay close attention to how their children react to the upcoming media coverage.

"Many of the emotions will be triggered by the anniversary, but as you work through it as a group the sharing will help lessen it," says Lichtenwald.

And that's key to dealing with the impact these images can instill. Doctors say that by talking to love ones about these events can help reduce the level of stress people experience.

Remembrance services are one-way doctors say that everyone can recognize and honor the people who lost their lives. They say it helps us heal and deal with the anxiety that will be felt again on September eleventh. But while it's important to remember the event...doctors say you should pull yourself away if the images begin to be too much.