Do Not Call Expiration

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Millions of numbers will begin dropping off the national Do Not Call list next year.

The registry began in June 2003 and under the rules, phone numbers are protected only for five years. That means the early subscribers will have to renew next summer or start getting those annoying phone solicitations again.

The Federal Trade Commission, which oversees the list, says it's incredibly quick and easy for people to re-register their numbers. They can do it online or by phone.

But Pennsylvania Congressman Mike Doyle says people shouldn't have to keep a calendar to try to remember when to re-up to avoid telemarketers.

An FTC official says the agency built in the five-year expiration date to account for changes, such as when people move and switch their phone numbers.

But Congressman Doyle points out that the list is purged each month of numbers that have been disconnected.

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