Neighborhood Watch Meeting

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In just five weeks, the Mallquist Park Neighborhood Watch is seeing results in making their streets safer.

In their third meeting, both residents and local leaders talked about their progress and the work left to be done.

Rockford Mayor Doug Scott came out Thursday night to listen to the watch group's concerns. The meeting focused mainly on how area landlords can better screen their tenants to avoid drug and prostitution problems.

Alderman Jeff Holt also updated the group about the neighborhood's graffiti removal, and the planned addition next month of a dozen new streetlights.

Residents say while there are still troubled spots, the watch group is seeing progress.

"We still have our problems, but things are getting done. That's because we have all these eyes around here, watching out, and putting a stop to it," watch group member Nanette Johnson says.

The Mallquist Park Neighborhood Watch group plans to meet again in early October. Residents will send out hundreds of fliers to get the word out.