Boys and Girls Club Plan

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It's not an official club yet...But the momentum was building Thursday night in Freeport as a plan for a revived Boys and Girls Club was rolled out. Residents filled the chairs and bleachers in the gym where the former group operated. They heard a plan...Calling for a parternship with the Rockford chapter of the Boys and Girls club that would re-open a Freeport chapter in the short-term and continue prorgams for hundreds of kids. After that, work would commence on creating an independent Freeport club. While nothing is in stone yet, residents there Thursday night were still excited. "Tonight has shown that Freeport can pull themselves together, can pull itself from its bootstraps and bring together a community of caring loving people," said Freeport resident Windy Pearson. "The ball is on a roll now, yeah, i'm very happy about it," said Freeport Resident Odessa Walker. That last woman told us she did Boys and Girls Club activities as a child. And she wants her six children to enjoy the same fun that she had growing up. The board for the Rockford chapter of the Boys and Girls Club has to sign off on assisting the Freeport chapter. We're told it could be a couple of weeks before they make a final decision. The people behind this latest plan are a group of Freeport community leaders, ranging from alderman to hospital administrators.