Local Students Rally For Jena 6

Thousands are calling for justice right now during a protest at a small town in Louisiana where a school fight has brought about a civil rights movement.

Now Ellis Arts students are taking their own stand against racism right here at home.

Six black teens were charged with beating up a white student. It started when the teens sat under a tree mostly used by white students. The next day nooses were found hanging in that tree and now three quarters of Ellis Arts Academy students protest on the schools front lawn, singing, chanting, and reciting infamous speeches.

78% of Ellis students are black. However, all races joined in the rally because at Ellis most students look at each other as family.

As you would expect today was no ordinary day in Jena either, thousands of demonstrators peacefully rallied and marched showing their support for the Jena six. while marching protesters yelled for equal rights, equal justice, and away with racism.

A big problem is that the white students involved were only shortly suspended from school and never charged. Meanwhile, the black students face steep charges, one could even face attempted murder charged. Five of the black boys have been released from jail one remains because he can't post bond.

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