Harlem Students React to Going Back to School

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After almost two weeks of an unexpected extended summer break,17-year-old Jason Roland couldn't be more ready to walk the school halls on Friday.

"I was anxious to go back to school because it's my senior year. You know, supposed to be one of your best years, and then just going to bed at night not knowing if your going to school the day after that. It's been really frustrating," Roland said.

With Harlem schools set to open the doors, Jason and his fellow senior friends can now catch up on meeting with counselors and finalizing their college applications.

"Some people have to get their transcripts in early to their colleges and with no one to do it they have to explain to the colleges they're trying to go to what’s going on," Roland said.

Despite the late start, Jason and thousands of others are thrilled to again be students, not spectators.

"It will be exciting the first day of school shopping ‘cause the anticipation, your supplies you know, right now there sitting in the corner of your closet getting ready to go," Roland said.

He’s ready for action in the classroom, not outside of it.