Capital Improvements Plan

The money funds major infrastructure projects across the state including here in the stateline.

Nearly 200 million dollars will help fund local projects including the widening of West State Street, Route 173 and North and South Main. Rock Valley College will also get help to add classrooms.

The MetroCentre will get some relief for renovations and the University of Illinois College of Medicine will get help with its 31 million dollar addition.

State money is expected to cover nearly half that. The college has also requested 8.5 million dollars for deferred maintenance to fix things like air conditioners and heaters. Gaming expansion is expected to help pay for the projects, the plan is to add casinos in Chicago, South Cook County and Lake County.

Licensing fees will cover the costs until they're up and running in the next four to five years. Senator Dave Syverson says he expects the Senate to pass the plan. However, he's worried about how the house will vote in about two weeks.

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