No School for Harlem

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For the five hours Tuesday, the teachers union and School Board negotiation teams met with a federal mediator. Both sides have different reports as to how much progress was made.

The board says two different proposals were made to the Harlem Federation of Teachers. The first proposal includes an increase in teachers’ salaries depending on the number of years of service.

One example is in the second year of the contract, teachers with at least 18 years of experience would receive an extra $1,200. That first proposal was rejected. The board came back with another offer that set a percentage amount as to how much the teachers’ base salary would increase during the second and third year. The offer was also rejected.

The teachers negotiating team tells 23 News that both proposals are still no where near the teachers’ current salary schedule. The pay scale has been in existence since the late 60s. The union says any changes would be a huge loss to the teachers.

Negotiations with a Federal Mediator are set for Wednesday at 11 a.m.