Blood Donations

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The blood industry, like many others, took on big changes after 9-11. Back on 9-11 there were hours of waiting for people wanting to give blood.

Those lines today are now much shorter, but the people in them are coming back multiple times.

There is no blood shortage situation almost a year after 9-11, but there is still a need for dedicated and regular donors.

Pamela Heinzrothis one of those people. Pamela had never given blood before 9-11 of last year.

Since her seven-hour wait at Rockford’s Blood Bank a year ago, she's been back twice.

Across the country, only 18 percent of people returned to blood banks after donating on 9-11.

The mad cow outbreak in Europe and tighter donor regulations are partially to blame. But as we prepare to remember one of America’s worst tragedies, the best is likely to come out of those reflecting on what's in the past, and what is to come with people working together

If you would like more information on donating blood, or for a list of qualifications to donate blood you can call the Northern Illinois Blood Bank at 965-8751.

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