Recovery Month

Illegal Drugs
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September is being recognized as recovery month in Illinois.

More than $294 billion are used every year by people fueling addictions to drugs and alcohol.

During recovery month, Rosecrance Clinic in Rockford is asking stateliners to send letters to legislators and local leaders about the importance of funding for recovery from addictions from alcohol, to drugs.

Each one of them can easily become an addiction for anyone. Jennifer Kaufman knows this all to well. She suffered from addiction, and went through treatment at Rosecrance. After several years of counseling, Jennifer has gone full circle.

She is now an addiction counselor at Rosecrance, with a normal case load of 30 to 35 patients.

According to Rosecrance administrators, Jennifer's success can be anyone’s. They are asking people who suffer from addictions, and those who don't, to participate in join the voices of recovery, a call to action, writing to local and federal leaders, asking for recovery funding to be maintained.

If you'd like more information on Rosecrance's join the voices of recovery, a call to action, call them at 391-0100.