Report: Fewer Wisconsin Manufacturers to Freeze or Cut Wages

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The annual survey of 320 firms was done by Pewaukee-based MRA, The Management Association Incorporated. The non-profit group represents about 2,400 employers with 500,000 employees in Wisconsin, Illinois and Iowa.

The annual survey of projected wage increases has found a bigger proportion of companies, especially manufacturers, are planning raises next year.

It says manufacturers that are planning on raises project them to be more than three-percent. That's nearly as high as the projection in the service industry.

The survey also says a little more than two-percent of Wisconsin manufacturers who took part in a survey say they'll freeze or cut employee wages next year. That number is down from one-percent two years ago.

Bonni Yordi is MRA's director of surveys and business research. She says the study is a sign that manufacturers are coming out of their slump.