No Confidence in Rockford Chief

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The votes were counted at the police union hall in closed session Friday night. The end result showed 276 officers voting in favor of a no-confidence vote on Epperson. That was out of 282 total votes.
Throughout the day, officers hit the voting booths at the union hall. The union's vice president, Bruce Brannum, says officers were happy to see this process happen...adding that many are disgruntled with the current administration and they've felt that way since Epperson began as chief in April of 2006. While they were voting, Epperson supporters were outside the public safety building, armed with signs backing him. Epperson says he was expecting this vote to pass, which is non-binding. It just lets Epperson know that his officers aren't pleased with his performance. Epperson says he's willing to learn from this experience and do what he can to improve ties with the union. In an earlier interview, he mentioned more effective communication and more inclusion with officers. Today's vote is the culmination of a chain of controversial incidents in the police department, including an earlier vote to eliminate Epperson and Deputy Chief Mike Booker's social ties to the police union.

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