Roscoe Police Chief Placed on Leave

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The roscoe police department may be looking for another police chief.

That after chief Anthony Piccircilli was placed on administrative leave for the second time. So what does this mean for this embattled position?

The village isn't talking very much about the circumstances behind Chief Piccirilli's administrative leave. All they would say is that the chief is going to be paid while they investigate charges against him

The village board met in an executive session on Thursday to decide this and transfer power to lieutenant don wilder until this situation can be resolved. The board said it was notified Monday about possible criminal charges against the chief and decided to place him on leave at that time. The village of roscoe is policed by 11 officers who wear a badge with the inscription pride and integrity...that has some wondering just how long the chief will be able to wear his.

The village doesn't know how long this administrative leave will be in effect, but they say that they are concerned that their police chief is now being investigated for the second time.