Green Cars (No not the color green)

Organic, clean and green are three words that can describe the scene at Cliff Breakers Wednesday evening. Eco-friendly products and organic food aside...Cars were the main event. For those looking to go green there are a lot of options; E-85, smart cars, even a Mercedes that runs on vegetable oil.

“Restaurants that use that have to pay to take it hauled, they pay to get it removed so you just go in and talk to the owner once they understand what your doing they have no problem,” says Steve Spyrison, owner of the Mercedes.

Hybrids, bio-diesel and electric cars are all becoming more popular. The electric car at Cliffbreakers can only travel on roads with a 35mph speed limit or less. Faster ones are coming, and they are cheap to run.

“Your electric bill will go up; if you used it every day the electric bill will go up ten dollars a month. Your cost per mile is anywhere from a penny to as high as 2 cents per mile,” says Chris Thompson President of Green Autos located in Janesville.

Unfortunately Illinois and Wisconsin are two of only six states where it is difficult or impossible to get low speed electric cars licensed. But that could soon change.

“There's people that have an interest in these kinds of cars in a clean quite commuter car. If they call their senators their state reps, and say this needs to be fixed, it will happen,” says Bruce Wood of E-Power synergies.

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