Burger King Adding Healthier Menu Items

MIAMI (AP) -- Burger King is promising to offer healthier fare for children.

The fast-food chain says it plans to sell and market flame-broiled Chicken Tenders and apples cut to resemble thick-cut french fries. The company will continue to offer its fried Chicken Tenders on its menu.

Burger King says it's building a Kids Meal that will contain the flame-broiled Tenders, organic unsweetened applesauce and low-fat milk, for a total of 305 calories and eight and a-half grams of fat. It will be available in restaurants sometime next year. One clinical nutritionist says "It's a good trend."

Burger King also sells salads and has a veggie burger.

One nutritionist calls the move "a good trend" but says the ultimate solution is to "eat less fast food."

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