False Bomb Threat at Rockford Middle School

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The school was notifed about the bomb threat about 10:30 a-m. Students say a fire alarm went off, pushing kids out of the classrooms and into the athletic fields behind the school for almost three hours. The Rockford Police Bomb sqaud canvassed the building, along with some school staff. They found a box in a custodial closet that nobody recognized. But all inside were some old papers with notes and a 1984 school calander. Feeling all was safe, they let the students back in. But some went home with their parents. "I wasn't going to wait and see how it all played out, all i have to know is they've been removed from secured surroundings so they're coming home with me," said Parent Kim Webster. "Parents will get a letter today with students letting them know how it happened, the kids were outside. They were safe from 10:30 to 1:30 when they started to go back in," said Rockford School Superintendent Linda Hernandez. There were some rumors about students being arrested after the evacuation. But police say that didn't happen and the threat doesnt appear to be student-driven. Police said an anonymous person called in the threat and appeared to be an adult. If this person is caught and convicted, he or she could face two to five years in jail.