Illinois Communities Get Top Honors for Maintaining Fluoride Levels

SPRINGFIELD – The Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) and Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA) recognized 423 community water systems for maintaining state mandated fluoride levels every month in 2006.

“Water fluoridation is a proven way to prevent tooth decay and improve overall oral health for both children and adults. Scientific studies have found that people living in communities with fluoridated water have fewer cavities than those living where the water is not fluoridated,” said Dr. Eric E. Whitaker, state public health director. “Community water fluoridation is a cost-effective, equitable and safe way to provide protection from tooth decay and we commend those communities who fulfill the state mandated levels of fluoride in their water systems.”

Of those recognized, 86 systems earned a commendation for meeting state recommended fluoride levels of 0.9 to 1.2 parts per million for at least five consecutive years, 104 for at least 10 years, 16 for at least 15 years, eight for at least 20 years and one for 25 years. Another 90 received honorable mention for meeting state recommended fluoride levels 11 of 12 months in 2006.

"We join Public Health in congratulating these water supply operators for their diligence in maintaining optimum fluoride levels for the benefit of the public," said IEPA Director and former Rockford Mayor Doug Scott.

Fluoride in drinking water helps to improve the quality of life through less tooth decay, reduced time lost from school and work, and less money spent to restore, remove or replace decayed teeth. In Illinois, 99 percent of those served by public water systems receive the benefit of fluoridated drinking water compared to the current national average of 66 percent. Fluoride is found naturally in water, but in many communities the amount of the mineral is too low and does not meet the required standards. Water operators will add fluoride to fulfill optimal health benefits to the communities.

Of the 1,840 water supplies in Illinois, 859 systems adjust fluoride levels. The average cost to fluoridate a community water supply is about 50 cents per person per year. “It is worth every penny spent when you look at the savings in dental treatment. Studies have shown that for every dollar invested in fluoridation, as much as $38 is saved,” said Dr. Whitaker.

This year marks 62 years of practicing water fluoridation and fluoride continues to prove beneficial in the battle against tooth decay. Water fluoridation benefits more than 200 million Americans, 12.4 million in Illinois.

Here is a list of Stateline water systems receiving 2006 compliance awards.

County Ttl No. Yrs. Perfect Compliance Cons. Years Honorable Mention
(12 of 12 months) (11 of 12 months)
Boone 6 Aqua IL – Candlewick * 2001-2006
17 Belvidere Water Department *** 1990-2006
8 Poplar Grove Water Department * 1999-2006
2 Poplar Grove South Water Department 2005-2006
2 Poplar Grove West-Countryside 2005-2006
Carroll Carroll Heights Utilities Co. Milledgeville Water Department
Chadwick Water Department
7 Lanark Water Department * 2000-2006
3 Mount Carroll Water Department 2004-2006
11 Savanna Water Department ** 1996-2006
5 Thomson Water Department* 2002-2006
DeKalb 12 DeKalb Water Department ** 1995-2006 Cortland Water Department
3 Genoa Water Department 2004-2006
2 Kirkland Water Department 2005-2006
5 Malta Water Department* 2002-2006
8 Sandwich Water Department * 1999-2006
Shabbona Water Department
7 Sycamore Water Department * 2000-2006
Lee 14 Amboy Water Department ** 1993-2006 Franklin Grove Water Department
17 Aqua IL - Woodhaven *** 1990-2006 Sublette Water Department
17 Ashton Water Department *** 1990-2006
2 Compton Water Department 2005-2006
12 Dixon Correctional Center ** 1995-2006
14 Dixon Water Department ** 1993-2006
2 Paw Paw Water Department 2005-2006
Steward Water Department
2 White Oaks Estates 2005-2006
Ogle Byron Water Department 2005-2006 Davis Junction Water Department
Creston Water Department ** 1995-2006
Forreston Water Department ** 1994-2006
Leaf River Water Department
Mount Morris Water Department * 2002-2006
Stephenson Dakota Water Department 2005-2006 Lena Water Department
Davis Water Department 2005-2006
Freeport Water and Sewer Commission ** 1997-2006
Winnebago Balcitis Pump Corp. Durand Water Department
Bradley Heights Sbdv. Westlake Utilities Service
5 Cherry Valley Water Department * 2002-2006
Larchmont Subdivision
5 Legend Lake Water Association * 2002-2006
3 Mancuso Village Park MHP 2004-2006
14 North Park Public Water District ** 1993-2006
8 Otter Creek Lake Utilities District * 1999-2006
10 Pecatonica Water Department ** 1997-2006
22 Rockford Water Department **** 1985-2006
12 Rockton Water Department ** 1995-2006
Utilities Inc. Coventry Creek
Utilities Inc. Coventry Hills
2 Wildwood Utilities Company 2005-2006
4 Winnebago Water Department 2003-2006

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