Sex Offender Near A School Bus Stop

Whether it be in the wild, or in a Harlem School Board Meeting, mothers will always try to protect their children.

“If I let my children walk to the bus stop and I stand at my drive way I cant hardly see them, when they're down at this corner, and I’m sure this person two houses away has a more clear view than I do,” says Shelley Sorenson a concerned mother who has been walking here children to and from the bus stop.

Several mothers showed up at the meeting Monday night to try to get a school bus stop farther away from a registered sex offender.

“I talked to the detectives office and got on a different web site where you can look for more detailed information, and found out exactly what he was arrested for and that didn't make me feel more comfortable either,” says Donna Flaningam another concerned mother. He (Vincent H. Maurichi) was arrested for sexual exploitation of a child involving a sex act.

The only response the mothers received was that the school board is aware of the issue, and that it is being looked into. The school board president and the superintendent both declined interviews until a decision is made. But the parents who are walking their children to and from the bus stop every day, would have like that decision to be made two weeks ago.

The school bus used to stop directly in front of children’s homes. Now it stops at an intersection two doors down from the sex offender.

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