Harlem District, Teachers Fail on Agreement: 4th Class Day to Be Missed

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Another night, another missed opportunity for an agreement between Harlem's school district and its teacher union, and with school already canceled for Thursday, Friday class and the sports that go along with it could also be in serious jeopardy.

Thursday night in closed session, Harlem's school board rejected a counter-proposal from the teachers union.

The district believes the proposal's price tag didn't change from an earlier teacher's proposal this past Sunday. The teachers union says they're disappointed the decision wasn't voted on in open session.

A three-year contract remains on the table for both sides, but the teachers say it's doubtful an agreement can be reached in time for school Friday morning, and with no meeting on Thursday set up at this hour, the district is cautiously optimistic.

"We're placing a very difficult job upon parents that we're only doing that and only considering closing school day by day because we believe that the financial status and future of the district is at stake," Harlem Superintendent Dr. Pat de Luca said.

A new contract agreement between the Harlem district and its support staff also has yet to be reached. A representative from both unions was confident contract discussions will start up again Thursday afternoon.

Based on those talks, the district says they'll make a decision about school on Friday around 4 p.m.