Grandparents Day

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Over 200 thousand children in Illinois are living in a grandparent headed home. More than 100 thousand grandparents are caring for their grandchildren.

It's hard to imagine a life with out grandpas and grandmas. No matter what the occasion they always have it their way when it comes to spoiling their grand kids. Grandparents day ( September 9th 2007) highlights those special family members and gives Stateline grandchildren the opportunity to say thanks for the memories.

(Stateline Grandkids)
“Just the smell of their house"
"We get to go places with them"...
“Every summer they take me on the boat."...
"He tickles me a lot"..
“Going to the dollar store

Even if Grandchildren never have kids of their own, all Stateline grandparents will always be GREAT grandpas and grandmas.