Rockford's 10th Homicide Investigation

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"It ain't safe to sit outside anymore. And it's not! Because you don't know what might happen!"

Vickie Prunty used to enjoy summer evenings outside her Rockford apartment. That's exactly what she was doing Sunday evening when she noticed several young men in an alley nearby.

"They were sitting in the alley in this big old cadillac," she said. "Then one guy shoot at the other car, both of them! Then he hopped into the car and drove off."

It all went down during a backyard party cross the street from Vickie's home. Police believe someone shot into the crowd from inside a car. 20 year old Rudolpho Holguin was at the party. He and several others ran out after the offending vehicle. The host of the party witnessed the initial shooting. He also saw a cadillac...but he says he saw a dark blue car with tinted windows sped away after shots were fired.

A few minutes later, Holguin was there when more bullets were exchanged a few blocks away at the intersection of Cunningham and Corbin Streets. Deputy Chief Greg Lindmark is investigating the incident.

"Holguin was in a goldish colored Cadillac, and there were other vehicles involved but were still investigating that aspect."

Holguin was brought to Swedish American Hospital and died in the ICU at about 9:30 pm. Investigators say the facts point to gang activity. Whatever the cause, Vickie says she will be spending these last warm summer evenings indoors.

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