School Choice

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During the summer the Rockford school district administration is busy trying to make sure there is a seat for every student.

However, five-year-old Tyler Davenport is blowing up the balloons for his day care's back-to-school party and not going to school. Tyler did not receive a school assignment.

His grandfather, Jim Finley who is taking care of Tyler while his mother is in the Navy, says, "He looked at his teacher and he said I'm not going to school, they don't have room for me."

Rockford is the only district that allows parents to choose a top five list of schools in which they would like their student to attend, but School Choice does not always work depending on the seats available and the No Child Left Behind Act.

This year 18 people refused their assigned school, but Tyler's family says they never received any notice that he would not be placed.

Jim says, " I did some research and found out that Tyler was not listed anywhere. He was assigned to a bus but not to a school."

Tyler is now on a 10-day waiting list for West View which was his family's third choice. With such a large number of kindergarteners this year, the district has already added four new kindergarten classrooms. The district says the only students who are not placed should be the students who registered on the first day of school.

Hopefully by the end of the week Tyler will be in the classroom and not at day care.