Cleaning Up Keith Creek

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"Go, go go, there, you're good. Yeah, we did it!" Chalk another one up for the volunteers in the fight to clear out Rockford's Keith Creek! It's one of many clean-up victories won by this energetic group on Saturday, doing their part in the aftermath of the Keith Creek flooding last month. "It needs to be cleaned up but it also needs to have it open so people don't have their homes flooded," said Volunteer Sandy Becker. She joined about 50 people Saturday, working on the creek. For her, picthing in went beyond helping out flood victims. Growing up in the area, she has fond child-hood memories of Keith Creek. "I used to play here all the time. There was a rope we used to swing across the creek," Becker said. There was no swinging going on Saturday...But plenty of kids were on hand to help out. Ten-year Taylor Martinez came out with her family to clean-up. "I wanted to clear up all the stuff so the creek won't bust," Martinez said. Volunteers found more than just branches and downed trees in the creek. Taylor and her brother pulled out this tire from the water, passing it on to a voluneer on land. Alot of heavy arm- lifting for both kids and adults. But it was worth it for these folks, pulling in one victory after another to clean up this creek. This volunteer clean-up is all citizen-driven. But some local companies are donating materials to help out as well. Clean-up continues Sunday from 9 am to 3 pm. Meet at Twin Sisters Park in Rockford.