Day Two on the Stike Line

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The Harlem School Board held their regular Monday night meeting, except there were a few more in attendance. A large crowd of teachers, support staff and parents filled the hallways and the board room to hear if the board would give any indication as to when school would start.

Some parents used the meeting to tell both sides’ negotiation teams to keep talking and to talk around the clock if needed.

After a quick public meeting the School Board met behind closed doors to answer a list of questions from the teachers union. This was supposed to be the first day of school; instead 520 teachers spent the day on the strike line. That means about 7,600 students have at least two days to make up at the end of the year.

Right now the length of the teachers’ contract has been agreed on. The teachers pay scale which includes wage increases are what is keeping students out of the classroom.

Support staff were willing and wanted to go back to school Monday while their negotiations continue, but the Harlem School Board decided to lock them out. There’s no word on when support staff contract negotiations will resume.

The teachers union and board negotiation teams will meet Tuesday at noon.