Sycamore Flooding Update

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In a span of about two weeks, the Evergreen Village Mobile Home Park went from an emergency flood scene to a smelly moldy scene. The smell is so bad inside some homes, residents like Shirley Evans have to wear a mask to go inside. But she can't stay long. "I have asthma, my immune system is real low and I have to just get out," Evans said. Evans and her husband have called this place home for almost four years. Now they're staying with friends and family until the mess is cleaned up. Along with mold problems, the floor is buckled in several spots. And you can see how badly the tile was stained when you compare it to an area that escaped damage. There's still furniture around Evans' home, but she says it all has to go because of the flooding....even this couch she recently bought. You can still see the tags on it from the store. While furniture can be replaced, the flooding destroyed some precious memories piled up in these bins. "Our family pictures, that was most important," Evans said. Looking ahead, she plans to clean up what she can. And after that, she wants to move because the aftermath of the flooding is just too hard to absorb, both personally and physically. "We aint going to never come back here, no, because of my health," Evans said. So it's goodbye to a home she bought for peaceful surroundings...That abruptly changed for the worst one August morning. Evans also told us more help is needed at the mobile home park beyond debit cards that residents received from the Red Cross. Dekalb County had FEMA in town this week to look at the damage....and is trying to get federal aid to help these people out.

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