Ogle County Jail

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Wednesday night we told you about the possibility of a new jail being built in Ogle County and community members got to hear more about it.

Ogle County community members gathered Wednesday to ask questions and hear, for the first time, about the prospect of a new jail in Oregon. Most of those gathered had one simple question: why has this project been such a secret?

The county has already entered into an agreement to purchase 25 acres south of Oregon for construction of the proposed detention center. The 640-bed facility would be used as the county jail as well as an INS detention center.

Those who support the prison say it would be good for the county economically. It would bring new jobs and save money in the long run.

A lot of questions still remain unanswered. The county board is unsure how much the new facility would cost and how it would be paid for. But board members did stress that this project is still only in the planning phase and these details will be ironed out.