Cyber Studying

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If rows of dusty books intimidate you, try a new kind of library. Just Google it. Google is going beyond finding random information. They're digitizing nearly ten million volumes of books found at Big Ten universities and the University of Chicago.

"Sometimes the library could be loud with a lot of people there and I could just do things in the comfort of my own home," says NIU Junior William Williams.

While Northern Illinois University hasn't signed up with Google just yet, administrators already started digitizing their library. Of the University's two million books, 26-thousand are in cyberspace. Even still, most students say they'd rather study the old fashion way.

"There really aren't enough books on line. It's hard to find full text books for a lot of papers you write you need to have quotes from the book," says NIU Sophomore Alexa Rubin.

Google will pay for and scan the books within copyright laws. It used to be universities were financially responsible. So by more books going on line, waiting for a book to return should no longer be a problem.

Google is already scanning the libraries at Harvard and the University of California. However, the Association of American Publishers and the Authors Guild are suing the search engine company for its' plan to incorporate parts of copyrighted books

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