Budget Cuts

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As Ogle County looks to add jobs with the creation of a new federal prison, Winnebago County may have to layoff some as a deficit has the board asking for cuts.

The problem the county says is that the economy has impacted the state worse than anyone first thought, the reduction in revenue the county receives has led to a shortfall, and the only way to make up for the difference is through an across the board cut.

The county says that they anticipate a shortfall of $3.2 million in the general fund, meaning that departments that involve public safety, like the courts, jail system and police departments will have to cut there budgets by more than five percent or in some cases $1.2 million to cover this lost revenue, a move that could mean the elimination of some jobs in public safety.

Now the board still has to approve this cut when they meet later this month, but it's the only way the county says to make up for rising insurance and operation costs the state is unable to cover.