Stateliner Wins Trip for Being 'Biggest Fan'

A minute and a half is how long Keisha Thomas' video was that she submitted to win "Allegiant's Biggest Fan" contest. In return, she got a star-studded trip to Las Vegas, Allegiant's headquarters.

The weekend started when she was greeted by the mayor and a showgirl at the airport. She then got free dinners, got to see the Blue Man Group and meet them afterward, and got a tour of the Hoover Dam.

But the big prizes were showing her short film at the Las Vegas Film Festival and receiving four round-trip tickets to anywhere Allegiant flies. Keisha chose to go back to Las Vegas in September, where she will be getting married. Keisha says she chose to produce a video because it seemed unique.

"To be honest, I thought everybody was going to do a story. I thought everyone would do a poem or a story or maybe a picture but something written or on paper and so I was just trying to be different," says Keisha Thomas of Belvidere.

Being different definitely paid off. They're now going to use part of Keisha's video for a 30 second commercial promoting Allegiant in markets throughout the country.

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