NYC Taxi Strike

NEW YORK (AP) -- Some New York City taxi drivers are on strike today.

They're upset over new city rules requiring all cabs to have GPS locater systems, along withand touch-screen monitors to let passengers pay by credit card. Some cabbies fear the GPS systems could be used to track their movements. And they think they could get stuck paying hefty fees for credit card processing.

The New York Taxi Workers Alliance called the two-day strike. It claims to represent about a-fifth of the Taxi and Limousine Commission's 44,000 licensed drivers. The group predicts more cabbies will join in the walkout, although other taxi groups have released statements opposing the strike.

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has downplayed any widespread disruption. But as a precaution, the city is allowing cab drivers to pick up multiple fares, and extra buses and running.

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