Rockford Flood Plan

For the victims of the floods, the money can come from the city, the state or the feds, it doesn't matter. It just has to come, and soon!

“My contractor is working, I’ve paid him very little he'd like to have more money for his people and so far insurance hasn't come through for me,” says Barbara Ridley.

Barbara has been living in a hotel since the flood and has gotten help from the salvation army. She has no idea how much repairs will cost or how much aid she will receive.

Physical scars from the floods are slowly healing in Rockford. At the same time the city is making plans to heal financial wounds caused by the floods.

“We authorized tonight to get appraisals completed and we're starting on that right away, appraisals usually take 2 weeks to a month,” says Jim Ryan the city Administrator.

The city has also laid out a plan to help prevent damage next time the water starts to rise. Keith Creek is currently windy. The creek will be straightened so water can flow through quicker. The creek will eventually be dug out and widened to hold more water and the spillway at the Alpine dam will be raised so less water can flow through.

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