Easy Nondrug Help Aids ADHD Kids

WASHINGTON (AP) -- New research suggests there are easy non-drug alternatives to help kids who suffer from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

The study focused on preschoolers. The simple therapies give more structure to a preschooler's day. The techniques included stressing consistent rules and routines, and giving more praise for good behavior than punishment for bad.

Researchers say after a year, aggression and other problem behaviors had dropped, and learning improved, by about 30 percent.

Between three percent and five percent of school-age children are thought to have ADHD; for preschoolers, fuzzier estimates range from one percent to four percent.

ADHD drugs are not formally approved for use in preschoolers, and while they may help some, side effects are more common in younger children, including a worrisome slowing of growth.

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