Freeport Neighborhood Wants Clean-up

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Carolyn Bruce takes us on a tour of her Freeport neighborhood. About a block later, we end up what's become a dumpsite for boats and piles of garbage. "We want our neighborhood cleaned up or some help to get it cleaned-up," Bruce said. The major eye-sores include abandoned homes like this one across the street from Bruce's home. "They come maybe every three-four times a month, but nobody lives in it and hasn't for at least a few years," Bruce said. There's even a vacant church that Bruce says is only occupied once a year for a week. Overgrown yards are another big concern in this neighborhood. But it's not just the brush you see that neighbors are worried about. Check out this fallen tree right in front of this house. Bruce says she and her neighbors are willing to pitch in...But they want clean-up help from the city. So earlier this week, they took some city workers on a tour of the area. Mayor George Gaulrapp says the city knows about the abandoned homes and they're working on taking ownership of them. As far as the garabge dump goes, the city needs neighbors help. "Let's have neighborhood watches, when the people come back here that aren't supposed to be here, call the police and we catch these people," Gaulrapp said. Bruce says cleaning up the area would make her 35 years there almost perfect. "It's a quiet neighborhood, I know everyone on the street, it's nice neighborhod to be in." And hopfeully a cleaner one down the road. As far as the all those overgrown yards we showed you, Mayor Gaulrapp says the city can clean up in public areas, like right of ways. And once it takes over the abandoned homes, it can clean up all of those sites entirely. The city is in the process of taking over the abandoned homes right now. But there is no timeline yet for when that will be done. Mayor Gaulrapp adds that the city has already spent a little more than a million dollars on clean-up around the city's east side.

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