FEMA Funding Granted

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You can still hear the water splashing inside the toys found in Felicia Brown's backyard.

"They were floating everything was floating against the fence," she says.

Her once lake-like backyard is now dry. And the healing process just got better. President Bush declared Winnebago and Stephenson Counties 'federal disaster areas.' This means flood victims could soon get funding and the city can start those long-awaited projects.

"We have dams that need to be repaired we have channel ways that need to be opened," says Alderman Frank Beach.

Congressman Don Manzullo says about 28-thousand dollars may be available for each flooded household. The money can help with things such as repairs and the replacement of damaged appliances. Low-interest loans are also a possibility for home and business owners and renters. But even still, many believe we would have been ignored twice, if the flooding wasn't so wide spread.

"Once they started helping other cities and stuff like that it kind of seem like now they're finally understanding that we are people too," Brown says.

About 900 homes between the two counties were flooded, many of them twice. And since repairs are usually costly, city leaders are hoping FEMA can offer reimbursements

If you have flood damage, you can start applying for assistance by registering on line at www.fema.gov. Or call 800-621-3362 from 8am-6pm. During FEMA's visit, they'll explain to authorities how the process works and exactly how much money is available. We'll bring you that information as soon as we find out.

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