Oregon Residents Barred from New Jail Vote?

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Oregon is ground zero in the battle over a new jail facility in Ogle County.

Residents of Oregon say they haven't been informed about the plan to build the new jail, and worry they might not even have input into the project.

About 25 acres of land along Route 2 south of Oregon is now optioned for purchase by the Ogle County board for a new, county jail, and sheriff's department.

Oregon resident Jim watt is spearheading a town hall meeting Wednesday. According to
Watt, the county board and sheriff's department haven't listened to any public input.

The jail facility would house both county inmates and federal prisoners, generating more money for the construction of the facility and operating costs.

Ogle county sheriff Lieutenant Greg Beddle says the sheriff's department isn't being allowed to present their plan at Wednesdays public meeting and they haven't talked to the residents of Oregon sooner because they we're waiting for plans to be finalized.

The public meeting concerning the Ogle County Jail plan is set for 7 p.m. at the Coliseum on Route in Oregon. Various community leaders, county board members, and sheriff's department administrators have been invited to attend.

A previous public meeting on the jail was held in Polo back in April.