Phone Tax Proposal Doesn't Dial Up Support

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The Rockford City Council met to discuss the fate of the Telecom Tax.

Rockford is looking at a $7 million deficit next year. The telecommunications tax was a way to bring in extra revenue; $4.5 million in extra revenue. That would mean raising the Telecom Tax by six percent. However, that's not going to happen any time soon, the Rockford City Council agreed to send the tax back to committee.

Alderman Douglas mark does not support the tax. He thinks it would cause more harm than good and Rockford Mayor Doug Scott says there aren't a lot of alternatives.

The money would go towards Rockford's general funds, which are made up mainly of police, fire and public works. The aldermen said they don't expect the Telecom Tax to come up for a vote until next year. Which means, even if the measure were passed the tax wouldn't go into effect until July of next year.