A New Contract & A New Superintendent

The school board overwhelmingly voted to approve an agreement with the teachers union Tuesday night. But several members of the board expressed their concern for the financial situation that agreement could put them in.

The district agreed to a three year contract with the teachers union with a 5/1 vote in favor.
But two board members said they reluctantly voted yes and Mike Williams was the only member to vote no. They rather have seen a two year contract. Those board members aren't confident the district will be able to afford its current staff of teachers after those three years. That could me cutting facility in 2010.

"I think stability is a good thing, but looking ahead to three years and some possible cuts is a real concern,” says board member Jeanne Westholder.

Tuesday night, Linda Hernandez was named as the schools interim superintendent. Her contract as interim superintendent will only last one year. School board president Nancy Kalchbrenner says the board will spend the next year discussing what the district should do after Hernandez’s contract is up at the end of this school year.

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