Lunch Prices Go Up in Rockford School District

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Parents in the Rockford School District have one more item to add to the back to school list, extra lunch money.

Last year parents could send their elementary school aged kids out the door $1.70 for a hot lunch, but this year parents will have to shell out an extra dollar to pay for the $2.70 lunches. The prices have also gone up in secondary schools from $1.95 last year to $3.10 this year.

Rockford Superintendent Dr. Dennis Thompson says there are several reasons for the price increases, including increased costs for food production, increases in milk and beef prices, administrative costs and the introduction of new foods.

This year’s menu will have some healthier options including a deli sandwich bar and a salad bar. They'll also have several fruits and vegetables available.

There is some good news for parents whose students are part of the National School Lunch program. They'll continue to get lunches for a reduced cost or for free. The reduced cost of lunches in the Rockford School District is 40 cents.