Local Church Group Goes to Dominican Republic

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Most of us look forward to vacations so we can relax, but eight local members of Northeast Community Church in Rockford spent their vacation hard at work. The group just got back from the Dominican Republic,

"We're taking our vacation time to go down there and help them and I think that speaks more to them than any money we could possibly give," says volunteer Dan Domberg.

Pastor Stuart Jones says, "Instead of spreading money we're trying to give resources of ourselves."

And the group did just that. In between helping with construction, the group accompanied by a local dentist who volunteered his services, held a dental clinic and handed out food to children Domberg says the kids have incredibly bright spirits despite living without any comforts and few clothes.

The other volunteers agree it was those bright spirits that have helped give them a new perspective on life.

"We were going down there to help them and what I walked away with was the understanding of the simplicity of life" says Pastor Stuart Jones.

Around 1,000 church members raised $22,000 to help with construction costs and purchase land in the Dominican Republic. They also raised an additional $17,000 to buy a 15-passenger van for locals there.

If you’re interested in helping out you can contact:

G.O. Ministries
P.O. Box 991258
Louisville, KY 40269-1258

Or e-mail them at goministries@go-ministries.org.