Roscoe Flood

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“The beautiful view.. it was beautiful .. we decided okay.. this is our place"

A view of the Rock River from their very own backyard. That’s exactly the reason Michael and his wife Asya moved in to the Edgemere Terrace neighborhood just 16 months ago. Since then, the roscoe home has flooded twice.

“This is the 2nd time for this flooding but last it was not so bad as compared to what happened this time"

You didn't have to go outside Sunday to capture a view of could see it in just a quick trip to the basement.

“it’s like a pool but with dirty water and the smell unfortunately.. is not a pool at all"

Although it's hard to distinguish the river from the family's backyard ...neighbors say this flood was nothing compared to the damage they’ve seen in the past..

"1975 it was in the house 22 inches"

This time around underwater roads and backyards seem *normal to longtime residents .

“This was nothing it was coming up slow and most of us who have been down here we just don't even think about it. You pick the thing up out of the yard and life goes on."

As the flooded neighborhood brings back past memories for longtime time locals.. Newer residents are doing their best to keep their home's future afloat.